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Kit du maître - Rituals

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Rit-1 Rituals
Rit-2 Hello, Children !
Rit-3 Good morning !
Rit-4 Good afternoon !
Rit-5 My name’s Joanne.
Rit-6 And you, what’s your name ?
Rit-7 How are you today ?
Rit-8 Who’s missing today ?
Rit-9 What’s the weather like today ?
Rit-10 What day is it today ?
Rit-11 What’s the date today ?
Rit-12 Can you write it on the board ?
Rit-13 Do you remember the seven days of the week ?
Rit-14 Do you remember the twelve months of the year ?
Rit-15 Do you remember the numbers from one to thirty-one ?
Rit-16 Do you remember what we learnt last time ?
Rit-17 Do you remember what we learnt last week ?
Rit-18 Do you remember what we learnt last Monday ? … last Tuesday ? … last Thursday ? … last Friday ?
Rit-19 Take out your exercise book !
Rit-20 Read what we wrote last time !
Rit-21 Let’s sing this song all together !
Rit-22 Let’s say this nursery rhyme all together !