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Kit du maître - Evaluations

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eva-1 Evaluations
eva-2 Yes, that’s good !
eva-3 Yes, it’s right !
eva-4 Is it right ?
eva-5 Are you sure of that ?
eva-6 I don’t think so !
eva-7 I’m sorry ! It’s wrong !
eva-8 You made a mistake.
eva-9 Don’t worry about it !
eva-10 Take it easy !
eva-11 Please, do it again !
eva-12 Think twice and try again !
eva-13 Try again ! I’m sure you can do it.
eva-14 Who can help him ?
eva-15 Who can help her ?
eva-16 That’s better !
eva-17 Very good !
eva-18 Well done !
eva-19 Excellent !
eva-20 Brilliant !
eva-21 How clever you are !