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Kit du maître - Rules

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rul-1 Rules
rul-2 Come in and sit down quietly !
rul-3 Stop talking now and be quiet !
rul-4 Clear your table please !
rul-5 Stop it please !
rul-6 Silence please !
rul-7 Look at me and listen to me !
rul-8 No French anymore please !
rul-9 I’m sorry ! I don’t understand !
rul-10 Don’t translate !
rul-11 Try to understand !
rul-12 Come on ! Try to guess !
rul-13 Please, listen to the others !
rul-14 I can’t hear you. It’s too noisy !
rul-15 Please, don’t speak when I speak !
rul-16 Don’t speak all together !
rul-17 Put your finger up !
rul-18 Excuse me !
rul-19 Wait a minute !
rul-20 Raise your hand if you want to speak !
rul-21 Close your eyes and cross your arms !
rul-22 Work quietly and carefully !
rul-23 What’s happening ?
rul-24 It’s time to stop now !
rul-25 That’s not what I wanted !
rul-26 Don’t run !
rul-27 Don’t shout !
rul-28 Please, don’t argue !
rul-29 Sit down please!
rul-30 Please, sit correctly !
rul-31 Stop wiggling !
rul-32 It’s bad !
rul-33 It’s not fair !
rul-34 Be careful !
rul-35 Respect the others please !
rul-36 Thank you ! That’s very kind of you !